Sleepers & Retaining Wall Steel Sections

Available are a selection of new treated pine sleepers in various lengths. Rustic Railway Sleepers are also available.

We can help with cutting of sleepers if required. We also supply steel H beams and C sections for retaining walls along with all your drainage needs to get the job done right.

Railway Sleeper

2400 x 125 x 225mm

Treated Pine

2400 x 50 x 200mm
2400 x 75 x 200mm
2400 x 100 x 200mm
2700  x 75 x 200mm
3000 x 75 x 200m

Retaining Wall Steel

900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 & 3000 mm in 'H' Section,

'C' Section, 90o and 45o 


We also stock Capped Solutions Retaining Wall Caps. 

Polypropylene UV Stabilised Retaining Wall Caps.

Suited to 100mm 'H' and 'C' Section, 45° and 90° Steel.




A UV stabilised polypropylene cap that fits new and existing retaining walls on the steel upright. 'H', 'C', 45o and 90o L/R angles are available to suit 100mm sections.

They are not only used for safety, but can hide imperfections in the wall itself and aesthetically look great.