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HG Kikuyu

Kikuyu is a self sufficient, drought tolerant lawn that will thrive in a range of soil types. In summer months Kikuyu is known for its aggressive growth, covering quickly with runners. This aggressive growth enables Kikuyu to withstand repeated use and enables it to repair itself from damage. It is commonly found in parks, schools and home lawns and is the ideal choice for dogs. Kikuyu is a proven all-round performer in the Victorian market and may be maintained at a mowing height of 15-25mm.

BENEFITS : Hardy and self repairing / Low maintenance / Thrives in hot, dry conditions / Deep root and runner system / Excellent drought tolerance.

Kings Pride - Soft Leaf Buffalo

Imagine a totally new Australian soft leaf buffalo grass that is greener for longer, softer than ever, yet even more hard-wearing. A grass that looks better performs better and allows you more time to enjoy your lawn and your life. Kings pride is redefining what makes a good lawn truly great.

BENEFITS : Superior shade tolerance / Capacity to mow the grass to very low levels / Good winter colour (Once established) / Low seed head production / Not damaged by any registered chemical

HG Sunlover

Sunlover is our most popular instant lawn and was developed for those who like to enjoy their lawn without having to spend hours looking after it. Sunlover is a hard-wearing, low maintenance lawn making it ideal for home lawns and landscaping projects. Sunlover is a blend of two Turf Type Tall Fescues. Tall Fescue is a hardy variety of turf with a deep root system and a broad leaf blade. This variety is wear tolerant and performs best at a mowing height of 30-40mm.

BENEFITS : Premium dark green lawn / Deep root system saves water / Thrives in sun and tolerates shade / Durable and low maintenance.

HG Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana is regarded as the best all-round lawn in the Melbourne market, providing children and families with a fine soft rolling lawn ideal for games and entertaining. Santa Ana thrives in full sun and has the best drought tolerance of all our lawn varieties. Santa Ana is well suited to Melbourne’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and golf courses. With its fine texture and lateral growth Santa Ana is best maintained at a low mowing height. The runners withstand repeated use and enable the lawn to repair itself from damage. Unlike other couches, Santa Ana will tolerate some shade and will retain some activity and colour during the winter months. This variety may be maintained at a mowing height of 10mm-20mm.

BENEFITS : Hardwearing and self repairing / Super fine rolling texture / Best lawn for low mowing / Deep root system / Superior drought tolerance.